Endless time

I have nowhere to be or anyone to be, yet who am I? Why do you travel, is it because you are lost or so alone, yet is it both?
What do you want to be? Who are you? You explore to discover to see and be. Yet is it what you really want or are you feeling as if you haven’t done eenough? Why be hard on yourself when no one seems to care. Well some do, its just never in the satisfying mind of dramticness for you. You want to be like the pics you see on Instagram , seeing people you once knew through Facebook, enjoying life. Yet have you ever thought that photos are deceiving? You like to do things your way, you like to be alone. It is hard to adapt and change of slight, but that is what learning life is all about, right? I’m happy for me, I know it doesn’t show. Sometimes its hard, you can’t sect an instant change of adaption. Today’s a hard day for me alone, its hard to control and yes some days it shows. I can’t change the way I am all the time for others. My intention isn’t to ruin chances or ruin other experience. Its just hard to change or let myself go. I have an inner battle with self, so to have one on the outer life too, sometimes gets exhausting. I just can’t seem to let go, but what the hell am I hanging on for. I have nothing of my past ways to show the why’s. I don’t have the emotions that I wisehd to have and its now too late to have what I needed. I’m just a ball of internal angry, but I’m working on me

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