Travellers of bangkok

next to the travels is bangkok, title give a way. its a complete differences in every way possible. from the culture, atmosphere. there is nothing wrong with bangkok, its just a shock to the system. but if you have to compare bangkok to Dubai, Dubai provides is self on appearance, cleanness, appearance. bangkok has a lot of people. its by far very different, but in all ways. being out within five mins of the town you can instantly see over travellers. the difficult we faced was getting the taxi driver to understand us, he was kind and helpful. that’s all you can be thank for. now the question is, is Thailand really cheap or is is peoples minds on thinking that its cheap due to the way they think it is when always comparing it to the pound. why do tourist do that? it probs makes you feel better. but being in this culture, is it not to try and see the ways of how Thai people live. I haven’t really got a clue what I’m talking about. I am half kinda pissed on the bottle load of drinks. probs a rookie mistake due to the money ways of tourist traps. it does make you wonder tho. with Dubai a taxi fair from town to hotel was the same price for food. how does that work!? Im certainly getting different vibe feels for bangkok. haven’t been here that long to know whether that’s good or not. maybe I just need a real good poo. oh and I’m hungry, as alway, so Bangkok as I’ve stated a dozen times is very different to Dubai, then again so is every human. I don’t want to sound like a mardy arose but I usually do. What’s travelling for you? To loose yourself, to see other cultures or to get wasted and well not feel great the next day. I’m a silent bunny and I know for a fact that it’s one reason why people find me so ‘understandable’ but I’m just silent. I like to watch and see things. I talk to myself inside my mind, nothing wrong with that. It’s just miner agreements. I guess I could improve on the talking front but I only say things if I need too. Everyone has different views I get that. Bangkok is okay, it’s a city, it’s a buy buy place or walk walk walk. Again nothing wrong with that. For if you know what to do it’s different, it’ll you know where the it is then it’s different. If you know where to go then it’s different, but we are travellers after all therefore we don’t know where we are going it is going to be buy buy and walk walk walk. What else can you do unless there’s a guide to travelling the expert way. I’m not an expert and I don’t want to be an expert. I want to simply cut the Internet goodbye, as it feels I have no one, sit in a mountain or some field and relax, just watch the world go bye. Yeah I know the world runs in money and we need it to survive but surely we don’t need it to have fun or just be. There’s got to be things that don’t cost that puts you with nature and makes you appreciate the world for what it truly is.
If you want fume filled lungs then by all means go to Bangkok. It’s a business trade for all locals. The hussle and the bussle is there life. It must be a struggle. You can tell in some that it takes a toll, but other Thais are helpfully and friendly as well as talkative as we have experienced in the day. There are some nice people out there. You just have to find them or in some cases be lucky enough to come across them.
Thunderstorms have struck
My life has always been silent, it’s only been recently out since I’ve begun to write.
Still miss the fact that I don’t have a friend, I have a few that come to mind, but I’ve never fully let them in.
So how doe other travellers cope, are they happy all the time, surely not?!! Are they always doing something to their plan do they even have a plan all the time?!? So much expectation but I just have the chill of nothing. I don’t feel the need to do anything even though I am currently being bitten alive. Sometimes I have a motivation to be someone or do something but it looses too easily. I just simply remind myself whatelse do I have to do. It’s only day three emotionally I feel the same but in sense with gratitude for seeing this amazing culture places. Still feel a heavy sense on my dull glazed eyes. Still can’t believe I’m in a different country but I am still me. Guess I’ll always be. Guess it’s time you accept me for the understandable and see that I’m not so understandable after all.
We visited a few temples, wat Ben being one. Being turned away from grand palace due to not wearing the right attire, they like legs to be covered, so maybe a visit tomorrow who knows. The food is so much more flavoured than I have eve tasted in all my life. It’s lush but I’m still hungry. A bargain of a ride on a tuk tuk.
A lot of Thai people what do you expect it is their home land. It would be pretty cool if we could speak their lanuage. Half the time I feel rude, as we Brits can be. Then again I don’t really know Thais customs. Guess it’s thing you learn a long the way as you do about many things.


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