The yuck 

The yuck ….-bad breathe -smell -sleepless -bad taste -yucky leg -ingrown hair

In two minds to whether i should post something so unnatural. It’s not like every day you read a post that is so yucky. Even I’m grossed out by it and it’s happening to me, guess that’s s travels journey for some. I never did expect travelling to be clean, it’s just I feel yucky. I feel the need to write about it even if it is disgusting. Everyone gets smelly it’s about to happen. It’s just you become aware of it. Like do I smell, ah I don’t really care. It’s the bad taste in my mouth that’s slightly getting to me. It’s not like I’ve eaten anything horrible. Hardly eaten to be honest. Maybe it’s all the fruity drink but surely that would leave your mouth feeling fresh as it is fresh fruit not tasting like a gagging order. Who knows. Been bitten like no other, just one tasty leg. Looks kinda dodgy 

Ingrown hair the annoyance of being a girl. I’m not saying guys don’t get them. They probably do but I’m sure it’s more commander for girls as you have to shave most of the time. Not a lot of people like hair do they. But what can you do. Fussy brain, smelly farts, the inability to be clean like a squeaky clean princess, never gonna be the case. Peeling feet, with lumpy blisters. Air of smell that blows every time you speak. Damn I’m so appealing. At least I have the ability to wash my hair. Gotta be thankful for something, right? 

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