…. nn

ah I want to be thin, surely there should be something more important on my mind than that. there is, its called I need a job, but I’m kinda reluctant to get one or even think about finding one, as I have no clue where to begin, let alone what I’d like to do. oh and another moan, I’m always constantly hungry, maybe I’ve got worms, or the fact that what I eat is usually determined by price. I’m so annoying I could call myself a dick, yet then I remind myself I have to watch what I eat as my mental mind is now controlled on how my wonder body looks, pure sarcasm there. also with the whole watch what you eat, I have this stomach thing, I call it annoyance. so annoying, but !maybe its all mind numb functioned to stupid made imagination. I’m still travelling by the way, its just still me being me by moaning, where else would I be. but to the talks of what I want to be, I still don’t know. do we ever know who we want to be or who, what to follow?
Travel moans
How do you actually know where you are? Ha I mean you think you know where you are but were you actually. Its a good thing I’m not on my own but then again I wouldn’t be here if I was. There’s defiantly a lot of different view on how a traveller should be or what they do. Then again everyone is different and want to see different things. The heat, muggyness has got to my head or maybe its the fact that I’m doing to much more in a day than I have ever done usually.

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