Where, where….. Dubai?

First night of travelling starts of with the classic first traveller mistake. This guys just know newbies. Taxi! It’s their job but what can you do. Trusting a guy someone in a different country to get you where you need to be aka hotel. But of course …. Finally made it, detoured on a journey of…. He’s going to kill us ha but we make it safely. 

With the hotel arrival finally a tick. The exploring begins. 

How does this travelling actually work? It’s not sunk in that I’m doing this. Who am I kidding. It doesn’t seem real that I’ve started my journey but panic questions rolling in my head are buzzing me. I’m never going to see my home bed. I’m on an unseeable future because … Why? I can’t stick the boring life of me. Am I going to adapt. I don’t even know what I freaking want. Why can’t I be one of those people that know what they want and who they want to be, instead of having to try and find myself. 

Full day

Gotta say its hot. Not like burning hot your sausages are going to burn but, it’s hard to discribe. As soon as you take one step outside you’re hit with this wave of heat. Like a slow roast oven of some sorts. As we’ve hit Dubai in June time, it’s there quiet period. The beach is peaceful, lovely breeze from the clear blue sea. It’s good. It’s a great experience to see. How do travels cope with the clothe situation?

The mall in Dubai is insane. Who in their right mind puts an ice ring, sea of stingrays, sharks and other fish in a mall? Don’t forget the waterfall, indoor cinema and many things. It’s just mind blowing to have it all under one roof, 4 levels high, but still. Burj khalifa is tall! Ha it’s lean your head back tall. We climbed the tower, well got the elevator takes only seconds. Took four years to build, only four years! Fountain display is well worth the wait to watch in the muggy heat. So intense but think that was due to the emotional song it was dancing too. 

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