Why do I feel this? This burning inside. Like my insides wants to break free. Why do I feel like unleashing a roaring scream of pent up frustration.

Anger consumes, its humming through my veins as I type. My mind feels like a bashing toy, battling it out in cartoon imagines. Constant banging of never. The rattle of cage that’s never stops rattling.

Its in me. This anger. But why I ask.

Why does frustration feaster within my bones? Is it the uncontrolled unknown that I’m about to explore in to. Or are my emotions on a rising tide, because I feel no closure?

What’s Happening to me. Why must I roar.

Roar until your lungs give out. Roar until all you hear is a whisper of the feasted scream. Roar until your whole body console in anger, with tears of frustration streaming down your face. Just roar.

Roaring is something Id like to do. To let the scream out. But its my inner mind that’s doing the punching. I feel this deadly urge to box, but ive never boxed. To punch into my hands are bloody. Until my fists hum in burning pain. All I see within my mind, me in a ring, fists at the ready, punching uncontrollably at a punching bag. Covered in sweat, energy still rising, coming from an unknown source of energy. I’m just infused with range of anger. Frustration comes out in every fist, but no relief is found in any connection.

Why am I this way, Why do I do this to myself.

I’m so unbelievably angry


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