Little S

Girl has she got me looking. I don’t know her, and I never will, but it doesn’t stop me from looking at her. I see her from a far, I see her ride past. I see her in passing, I see her in the shops, and driving by. I also see her in my dreams, but my imagination doesn’t do her justice. I never see her smile, so Its not the beauty of her smile that’s captivated my beating heart. I guess its the aura that I’m drawn too. I always manage to look up in time, just in time to catch sight of her. I’m instantly satisfied. Theres something about her. When she passes through my life, just a glimpse at a time, I feel like I know her. Yet Ive never heard her speak. Oh it would be pure softness, with a touch of hesitance. I can just imagine the way she’d look at me. Consumed with my imagine, as I am with her. I just know she’ll be drawn to me, just like the way I am with her pure essence. We’d be enwrapped in one another, consumed in a bubble bliss. She’ll feel the same. I just know she will. I have to speak to this girl. I have to know her, she has to know me. Life would be complete. Only problem, I’m a serial killer, but I just know she’ll agree. She has too.


She smiles, shes free. What a great feeling this is. Laugh with delight, smile in pure happiness. She glows with joy, secretly shattering a few hearts. She’s enwrapped in the moment of shared laughter. Having the time of her life. Just enjoying the moment. Little does she know, a man stands near. A man that has been watching her every move. A man that knows her daily routine. A man who is consumed by her, yet she’s never seen him before. She’s in the beginnings of trouble, she just doesn’t know it. One wrong move her life will be at an end. If only she could be the right one, she might just survive. She wont though, they never do. She’s number seven, an ending seven. She wont stand a chance, she’s too damaged. He just hasn’t realised. Once he does, end game will be near. No hope in hell will save the poor girl. He’s too good at what he does, which makes him bad. He’s a mad man, a corrupted soul. He is a serial killer after all.

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