S is for…

Story. Id like write a story. Part of me is begging myself to write one. Big part just wants to write. I want to write a story, but now is really not the time. I cant write a story in just a week. Id like to, I have endless hours within this week to spend my time writing, but I have this nagging feeling I’m suppose to be doing something. I just don’t know what I’m suppose to be doing.

Want to spend time wisely, want to think correctly. You cant always have what you want.

He stares at his phone daily, continuously waiting for the girl to waken up his phone. He waits all day and night, just in hopes a text will bing his phone. Waiting foolishly, time passes by, doesn’t get anywhere, continues to feel depleted. He wants to know, craves to be with her, Yet he knows nothing about her truly. He deludes himself in a fantasy. Texts the girl his dreams and wishes, without little does he know, he comes across demanding and creepy.

Who is this man that continues to lighten up her phone at godly hours of the night. Doesn’t he sleep? Doesn’t he think? He wishes for things that will never be. She wishes he would understand and simply disappear. But through all misleading untoned conversations that gets nowhere, She’s formed a reliability to the waking of her phone.

A lone soul, one that’s been created, no one to share, no one to talk to, even though the conversations aren’t conversations, just texts of pure frustrations. She’s only got the texts for gaps of her loneliness. Now she waits for a buzz of annoyance. Now she waits  for deluded questions.

He continues to text in his clouded gaze. He lives in a fairy tale, he might as well be gay. He hopes for the impossible, yet he no longer tries. It shows he does understand, that he’s aware that his dreams/wishes will never arise. He finds comfort in others, he finds his world, a world that is true reality.

She continues to stare, to wait for an unknown. She waits within time, time will change destinations.

Light upon the phone no longer brightens up. Buzz of vibrations continue to be dead silence. Just the way its suppose to be

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