Minds a Powerful thing

You are a tool. Your thoughts alone can destroy thousands of lives, endless dreams and opportunities within your mind. It can stop you from living, from breathing. It can make you become simply nothing. Your motivation is you, if you don’t motivate yourself no one else will. You don’t think positively , you destroy something that could have been beautiful. You end up living in a dream of dark clouds and bleak future that leads to nothing, always feeling the same. Don’t give up on you. You have to move, you have to fight the darkness that’s within you. You can be fun, you will be fun. You are the start of someone. You are the start of someones something. You are never alone, its only your mind that sees you being alone. You can talk, you can express. You don’t as you feel you get shut down to often. Just say it anyway. Just let it go. You have to remind yourself daily that you can do anything if you push yourself. Id like to go with the saying ‘ you can do anything you put your mind too’ but we all think of things we like to do and who we liked to be and how wed like to see ourselves, but not many of us actually act on what we liked to do. Its okay to think and dream, but its making that dream, that thought, a living experience. that’s what we want. We want to do all the things that run through our minds, we want to do better, we want to look and feel better, but its the darkness the thoughts of negativity that always stops us from achieving our goals. You have to push. You have to think brightly, fight the battle of ‘i’ll do it later’ Just do it. Breathe, do it, worry about it later or simply never. You are never alone, don’t make your thoughts think that you are. Don’t let the words within the mind stop you from becoming something that you know you can be. Believe

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