Always Running

Guess we all run at some point, whether it be physical or mentally. Many of us run from confrontation, whether it be our mothers, daughters, son beans or a baring fathers. Why is it that we spend so much time running away from endless conversations that are so needed?

Guess my insecurities com from unsaid words from many years of unsaid conversations.

We continuously run, just run, whether with limbs that don’t work right, to broken souls. Yet you have no speed.

Heart hurts, head aches. Not really with it. Yet I still function to no ability.

How can you miss someone that’s never existed? Its your fickle imagination and over censored emotions

Mucky waters, overflowed of deadness.

Stomach, with mushy waters

What do I want to do? Where do I really want to go?

Miss a feeling

Endless running, not actually moving.

Taste the repeats of food on  my tongue. Not yummy, yet you continue to eat.

Why do we do many things we don’t really desire to do? Boredom, life, feelings, no reason than nothing.

Short span of life, make the most of it. Yet to angry, confused to let go. Means more endless running. If only heard, or let to be heard all could be solved. Yet too stubborn/stupid to realise a breaking heart when ones right in front of you

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