Go hard or Go home

Go hard, so hard that its excruciating to keep going. Go hard till you feel that deep infested burn. Just go hard, no point in going half heartedly. Push yourself to the extreme. You know what its like to have a doll day, and its no breathing fun. Might as well feel something by going hard, so hard that its almost extreme. Feel the burn. Or just go home. Shrivel up insides, be the middle dumbness of life that you already know and how to be. Be the same breath, the stilted air, the same air of every second, that life bring no joy. You know what you want and your going to get it. Who cares if no one really knows you. It gives you the ability to be you without them knowing that’s who you truly are. Its a shame that you have to go, but no one understands here. No one really hears you. Time to go, feel like Ive already gone. Halfway in a fog, departing from you and me. In a haze of cloudless sleep, sleep I miss, yet wish was my continued silence. No more of that though, even though it is a bigger crave than ever before. Ive said bye to you a million times and will continue so. Ill be back, I always come back, as I’m always with you, but its time to no longer sit under the apple tree reading novels till heart is content. Its time to bask in the world of bigger life. See things unimaginable, to experience the life of dislikes and likes. Its time to no longer have the past glazing in your face so often, but now time to be in the stilled moment of the unknown. I wont know who I will become. I wont know what Ill be doing or how I will be feeling. I just know Ill be a thousand of mile a way. Ill be seeing something different, still being me. Sad that you not heard. Sad that no one accepts forgives who you are. None matters now, no big picture of coming months. Its just you, Ill always be.

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