I suck thy blood, draining your source while you wither in made up delight. You think this is bliss, but unknown to you, you shrivel up inside. Bones rot to pure achiness, you realise this is no heaven facade. Darkness is around you, has been all along, you just didn’t know. Now that you do, it consumes you more. More than anyone ever thought

No light left for your pale skin, you turn cold, as no longer warms by the sun. You become darkness. You become a ghost. Ghost of the night, how it use to fright you, now it is you. Darkness seeps in through your veins, turning your blood to black. No longer pumps a clean flow, dirt, sad, alone fills its place. No longer the cushiony sofa human you were. Daylight doesn’t breathe through you, just a glazy haze clouding you. No longer a bright start. Stopping is not an option. You’ve transformed. Mundane no longer, vampire is what you are.

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