I feel sick

Yucky, disgust sensation is rolling through my body. What are you trying to tell me body?
Am I coming down with something, or is it my emotions playing sensor time on my physical state?
I feel like I’m half saying goodbye, but the other half feeling little a sad loner.
I’m not sure what I feel or how I feel. Its just this yucky sensation
Am I really awake or am I still sleeping
Its just a waiting game
So many unsaid words roll around in my light headed head. So many years of conversation I wish I had said.
The words just left to roll around in my dead empty mind. As numbness rolls through my once aching body.
Who am I, I ask myself once again. I know what I am not, I’m not the person you want me to be. I’m not the person you wish you could love. Ill never be that person, Just like I’ll never be the person you once remembered.
Accept me, I might just forgive, love
Words that make no sense to you, yet they give you an underlining
You question, you ask the selfishness
Sicky, but not you
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