I don’t get it,

Clearly written by someone whos never experiences a relationship of any kind.

I don’t get how people have the ability to fall in ‘love’ so quickly. Especially when its with someone they’ve only just met. We all know how secretive people can be, because we do it ourselves. So why would a complete stranger simply start letting someone they don’t know in.

Yeah I get the fact no one really likes to be on their own, but no one really tells someone everything, do they? I cant understand how people fall so easily and they become so committed from an early stage. Most people lie these days. Some aren’t even faithful. Letting someone in just seems so foregin to me. It would be nice to do things with someone, but not all the time. It would feel like someones breathing on you constantly. Where would your independence be? Surely you have to know who you are, and be happy with yourself, before you consider being with someone.

Wouldn’t you think their was more to life than searching for someone to be by your side, for you to only find fault in that person and to realise that you haven’t found the one. isn’t that too high expectations?

Young people expect you to look a certain way as well. what happened to being happy with simple company? Myself doesn’t have a lot of trust. Then again can you blame me when so many people are undecided about their sexuality, that they change back and forth more times than I eat. That people don’t really consider others, they just think selfishly about themselves, as well as some people date more people than just the one, without informing the candidates. That you never know where you stand in situations, therefore you end up feeling like you did something wrong or simply wasn’t good enough. I just don’t get how people can be so trust worthy and so accepting in todays day and age.

I’m sure its a great feeling to fall in love, but does anyone actually fall in love, or is it mainly the trick of their own thoughts making them think that they are, when they aren’t. Just a passing glimpse.

Because surely when you are with someone you don’t have doubt, you don’t think of replacements or a time frame for them. Surely you only think of the forever. But then again what do I know.

It is written by some who has little faith and experiences in this department.

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