Difference of Opinions, Life

We all have one. We are given one from the time we first inhale air, but we just don’t know it. We start off our early years clinging to our mumma bears, protected by our roaring fathers. We look to those who care for us, to show us a way of life. To see a hint of life through them. We rely on them to keep us breathing, for us to live. The we learn or see a spark of life in another.

Everyones different, we all have different minds and ideas of how we want to be, how we feel our world should be. Therefore we should live for ourselves, no other. Classing yourself as selfish but its living for you, and you alone.

Some of us find it easy to just fly, to spread their wings with no thought to others. Guess they are truly living. Some of us need a helping hand. Like a mother holding a toddlers hand across the road. Some need to be shown the way. Shown to the light of what living can be like. Some of us simply just don’t want to do it alone.

We all have different opinions of life, of the value of living.

Some people are content with the simpleness. Others thrive, live for the extreme.

Would you say simpliness isn’t really living to the full, but what happens if that said person feels happy with the way they are. But then the adventurous could be classed as too insane, dangerous for life. That they don’t value the greatness to be able to simply be.

We all have different opinions on the way others should live. Maybe we should direct those opinions into ourselves, start heeding our advice that we give, and start living life that we voice.

But theres always contradictions, things that pop up and stop us from breathing.

The simple main one would be money. Followed by duties and loyalty that we feel to others. You could call them ties, or strings that keep us grounded, but with ties stopping us from doing what we so desire, means we aren’t living for ourselves, we are living for others.

That doesn’t mean say to the family that you did desire, and that you created, to just up and leave and start living for yourself. That would be classed as complete difference, right?

Its the early years, the time of given freedom that should consider life, living it fully for yourself.

What would you deem living?

We all probably know someone who isn’t quite content with their life, or well simply not happy. Yet why don’t they do something about it? Why don’t they try to make something worth living. Why don’t they smile? Maybe if a happy bee buzzed in, showed them a sparkle, they might just see a difference.

Some of us have to be shown or want to be shown a way.

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