The One

Thousands of us spend endless hours looking for the one. Some even go to high extremes in demanding to find the one. Research endlessly on possibilities on finding that one who can feel that eating, empty gap they feel within them. Some of us walk endless hours hoping to bump into the one.

You Imagine how its going to be, without even knowing a single thing. Imagine the feel of what could be. Hoping that one, can get out emotions churning, a mixture between tears and pure happiness. We remember how it feels from previous ones, but looking for the next one, we hope that they are miles better than the last. We want to be consumed, enwrapped with knowledge of difference.

Finding that one is hard. They say they come when least expected, but my life is a little dull and empty right now. It would be great if I could find the one. Even if they only occupies me for a little while.

Just the feel between my fingers, turning page after page, I miss. It cant be an electric, but I might have to surrender to that possibility.

I feel its time to get lost in a captivating story once again, but finding that one book, that possibility is always hard.

Id like someones story to take over my world for a short time. Yo open that one book, that can do that. To sit down with it and let the sun glaze your skin, whilst away with imagination. Not thinking of anything other than the words in front of you.

Reading intently to every single word, waiting to turn the next page with delight, so consumed by the story. Just having that sense of getting lost from your own world, and connecting with another imaginative mind. The sense of joy in such a simple form of enjoyment.

Looking for the one to get lost with

The hunt is always hard, It would be great if a suggestion was given

looking for that one novel, the page turner

I do miss the one

I miss the reading. I think its been too long without turning a page

I guess the search begins for the one to captivate my soul.

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