Theres something about books.

Holding a book that turns many pages. A thing that has the ability to captivate a soul. The ability to intrigue a mind. The power to give help or comfort to a wondering soul.

Books have the power to connect to unlikely people. Its amazing how a thousand words, letters can mean so much to an individual. Its amazing that these words and thoughts are imagined, written by very similar people to our selves. The talent that captivates millions in such as simple way, is mind boggling.

It amazes me when one person alone can think of thousands of words that form into a book that’s able to be published for millions to have the opportunity to read. To think and write something is a breathe taking talent.

You walk into a bookstore and see thousands of books on shelves. Just think of how many souls have connected through those pages. Think of how many people have agreed to the same paragraph. Have felt the same emotions, felt a connection to the same lines. Thousands of people could come together over the same book, its amazing to think just that.

The ability to write, and watch the hand flow, for the mind to work so effortlessly with imagination, is just wow. Anyone who writes, has the ability to write  pages for books has my appreciation, and admiration. The true thought and ability is just… amazing.

Shared minds and all

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