we do though, dont we?

We believe in everybodys words. We do though, don’t we?

We ask peoples advice about something meaningful to our selves, we ask people who either have been there or know what they are talking about. We believe their word. We simply trust in what they speak. Yet, have you ever thought about doubting what they actually say? We ask these people because we have no where else to turn, but who actually says that they know what they are truly saying. We ask for help, we believe the words that are given, because w have reached a lost end. Yet do they believe in their own words? Are they actually helping or making matters worse?

You end up finding out things, then it makes you wonder did I just waste my time and money doc, for you just to guess, or simply not hear what I was saying.

Everything ends up being a guessing game, a world of doubt and what you end up believing in. What happens when you no longer believe? What are you suppose to do?

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