I realised I’m ..

I realised I’m pretty fit with small tits,
I mean I’m not a looker, because if I was, hands would be upon my body, but then again I’ve never been keen on people with their hands on my body. Wonder why that is?
I’m not compassionate, I’d like to be, but that requires outward vulnerability. If you show Vulnerability people tend to take advantage of that. Like fore example A, or any other guy/people I’ve sort of got close to in some sort of way. But maybe its always been me. Not exactly got the most amazing, energetic personality, who am I kidding. I don’t really have a personality. I defiantly don’t voice my opinion, not out loud. Why would anyone want that sort of attention?
I’ve never tried to keep people in my life until its too late, Its funny really. Its really not, quite sad to be honest, but what can you do? The girl is too use to being just her, people try, it feels stressful, and not right, but then when they give up and leave. But who can blame them. Its always my said fault, right? I just don’t seem to try. Today just isn’t life, but I could easily change it, why the freaking hell don’t I? I’m exhausting, shoot me, pretty please
So yeah I’m fit with small tits
Whats that about?
I mean, when my very over reactive stomach tends to play, its sometimes bigger than my tits, that’s saying a lot really, Just handfuls, maybe even pretty ones, or did I just go a little too far?
So what are you doing? Apart from reading my blog about my tits, and over reactive mind.
I was thinking of cutting my own hair, the hair on my head, don’t be dirty. But then it made me think. Isnt that like some sort of self harm?
My hair is what makes me feminine, but If I cut it I lose the girl look, whatever I have of it anyway. I don’t really want to do that, but my hair no matter how much I like it, it really does annoy me. But then if I cut it real short, wouldn’t it be even more annoying? I just want something different, but is this really about hair? Am I really writing part of a blog about my hair? My life must be pretty simple if that’s all I’m writing about, but then again what else can you expect from a girl who keeps interaction to a minimum
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