She Wants it all

She wants it all
She wants the life of an adventure; she wants to gaze into the sky and be happy with the simplicity of nature. Climbing mountains and swinging from trees. Camping by a fire, and sleeping in a hammock . Being joyous with the simple communication, the face to face interaction, no computer or media needed. She wants a life of energy, surrounded around like minded people that bounce of one another. Soaking in the life that’s just beautiful for simple meaning. She wants it all.
She wants to walk away from the complications and the unnecessary of life. The unneeded worries that cause so much problem for her little mind, or for the media to confuse thoughts and feelings.
No need for the mundane thoughts that generated most individual lifes. Who needs to worry about food, just take what you are given, be happy with what you can proved, whilst you can proved it. Who needs to worry about the next adventure, when you are still on one. Enjoy whats in front of your eyes, you only see and feel it once, before the world changed its perspective.
Living in the moment is her difficulty. Its the one thing that’s the focus point of life, a main point in life, yet she cant do it or feel it. when you go for a walk, what are you focusing on? The trees, your surroundings, or is it the thinking of the end of your walk, of what you are going to do next? Its always the next, of what is to come. Its never the now, the moment, the life. It needs to be the moment. The moment is you. embrace the moment, learn something.
She wants to be someone, she wants to embrace. She wants to let go and laugh, a rare smile upon her face. She doesn’t want to think, she simply wants to be.
The moments here, but does she know it? No she doesn’t.
She craves the life of wilderness, yet its at her front door.
She wants to put on her shoes, but what stops her is her own doing.
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