Crunchy chips, Spicy chips. The crunch between your teeth. The chewing of the crisps. The after taste from the crunchy chips makes you feel the need to much on more of those crunching chips. Just the thought of chewing makes me weep with sadness. It’s the crave for comfort that my munching seeks, but even after consuming the things I keep thinking about, I’m still left in this hollow despair.

I know I’ve said it before, I’m getting tired of saying it. I just don’t get it

When I try and talk, write and talk, no one gets it.

Maybe I expect too much. Who am I kidding, I obviously do expect too much. It’s why I feel shit, isn’t it? It’s why I punch walls, It’s why I scream at myself, always angry and internally frustrated.

Why don’t you hear me?

I always hear you

New development in life, a person has come along/back

Everyone says what you give is what you get. Is this right? Because it honestly doesn’t feel like it!

Person feels like I do. Someone who gets it, right? Helping hand? Guess everyone feels differently.

I just want to freaking weep, while punching every face I see. I want to fill my face with the craves that I crave, but it wont accomplish anything, So why should I. It’s only going to make me feel guilty about munching the rubbish

So why not switch to pills? See how many you can swallow. Even after fifteen, body no longer wants more, can’t stomach it. It plays some affect. Yet doesn’t take away any of this. Just sends me in an endless sleep for six hours. Wake up feeling drunk, apart from that, the days in full force.

All I seem to want right now is the comfort of food, yet when I fetch and swallow it brings me no comfort, not a thing. Wheres the comfort?

I don’t even know why I’m writing this. It’s pointless, just like going out, like talking. It’s pointless.

Chocolate gooey cake sits before you, slice the fork through the layers. Scoop some ice cream and devour the crave

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