We all want to mean something. To be someone. We all want to be a support, or think of someone that matters. We want to be here for someone who may need us in their life, for through out their life. But not everyone sticks around. Or in some cases, some of us get kicked to the curb. No longer wanted or needed.

At the end of the day, no matter how we really feel, we are all replaceable. Even if you have the intent to be around, wanting to be that strong hold for that someone. We all end up losing meaning. We are no longer valuable, no longer the precious gem. We all come to an end. We get seen in another light. No longer what they wanted. No longer the thing they desire. Something else always comes along and replaces us. Even when we deeply don’t want to be replaced or forgotten. But that’s the thing, in the end, over time, we become forgotten. It doesn’t matter how strong, or bold a life we live now, we will all be forgotten

Forgotten by the ones you love dear, the ones you don’t want to forget. Yet they do, they forget you. They change with time, the move on. Which is rightly so, but when you become forgotten. You become a nobody. No one wants that. We all want our lifes to have meant something, even if its to only one person. But they soon forget. They forget the way you looked and felt. They forget what made you tick, and who you are. No one wants be forgotten. But once you are gone, you are gone.

Then comes along the replacement.

What is life, if you are constantly replaced or forgotten? How can you simply live in the now, if who you are, is the memories that people made along with you.

Everything fades, turns into a distant.

Everything ends. Once the sun sets, its set. It’s never the same again. We all end up being forgotten.

Who am I?

Figment imagination

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