Always that sense of wanting to go home

The need to be at home, yet nothing to do

Chasing time just to be home

watching the clock, counting the final minutes till home.

When you’re home you don’t want to be there

You want to be out exploring or living in some sense

Yet when you are away, all you can think about is home

Why is that?

You don’t do anything when you are home, apart from sit and moan that there’s nothing to do. You don’t do a thing really.

The funny thing is, when you are home is doesn’t feel like home.

So what is Home? Where is home?

You want to search and find a new home, yet to do that you have to leave these walls that you call home. The one place you always want to be, apart from when you are here.

So what does that mean?

They say Home is where the heart is.

So If you don’t know where your home is, does that mean you don’t know where your heart is? Therefore you feel lost, a human just wondering, or just a person with conflicting emotions?

Someone write to me, find an interest.

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