Get Lost

Tie those shoe laces, buckle those feet into comfy hiking boots.
zip up that coat, yes the one you are about to sweat in, over heating but who cares
Pull on the woolly hat, cover those sensitive ears.
Sling on that rucksack, the one that carries the water that you will no doubt need, with a few other supplies
Brace yourself, Now get lost.
Move those legs into dwindling fields.
Keep your eyes wide open, as they are all you have to protection.
Huff and puff, whilst climbing through and up mountains.
Doesn’t it feel great?
All that surrounds you is pure nature,
The song of birds occupy your ears
The fresh air slides down your throat, filling your lungs
Tense of muscle within in your thighs tighten with every climb you make
It feels good
Embrace the good
Stop yourself when it gets too heavy,
Slow down, build a fire with pure nature
Hunch on you knees, brace your palms above the heat of fire
Embrace, but more importantly
Open your eyes, see what you see, Now feel
Breath in the peace
Breath in the calm
This is you, this is how it should be
Nature surrounds you, nature is you
together we are nature,
This is the simplicity of life that you want to lead. The simple of nothing, no pressure of nothing, the life of trees, the life of air is all you need. No gadgets to occupy your zoned mind. No shouts of endless conversations to hear that dull your sensitive mind.
Just you, the pure soul of you at peace with the world that should be
Now watch the sunrise, because this is how life should be
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