I’m Falling out of love with you,

You once was my world, a world, where I could enjoy being you
All I needed was a glimpse of you, my reflection
I could once just listen to you, enjoy you my thoughts
I could love you so effortlessly, making my once self feel so complete
I loved you like a sister, like a mother, like a brother, like a father.
I cherished you like a friend, like a companion, like my tour guide
I could once think everything would be okay, especially having you by myside
You were my world, and I felt complete knowing you, being you
You brought the simple pleasures, the world to my feet.
You were enough to know and to be
It is no longer that case.
I’m no longer satisfied with a glimpse of reflection. It now takes hours to have had enough of staring at myself. but I’m never satisfied with what I see.
The thoughts that I could once listen without complain, now kill me on the inside. tormenting me in a way that I can no longer bare the pain of thoughts.
I can no longer give you the simplicity of love, I can no longer shower you in the love that use to push me forward.
I can’t trust you. The changing of mind, the unsatisfied mind, the sadistic life of thoughts is making me dislike you
Simple things no longer suffice. Nothing seems to be enough for my simple mind.
You no longer complete me, you no longer bring me joy, or satisfaction.
I’m falling out of love with you, and I’m hating you in the process.
We use to love to consume food, the one thing that brought us happiness without thought.
The days when we’d sit and eat a bag of biscuits, or the times when we would eat a tub of ice cream without a care in the world. Or the times when we would do bake sessions and eat the while lot, because we wanted too. Food was always in the back of our mind, knowing that we could survive with it. Now food is a constant thought, and I can no longer enjoy it with you. You construct what I eat. You make me feel guilty at every meal, every thought. Every image of food. You want to bake the deliciousness of treats, and devour in sweet heaven, but when the chance comes we never take it, because of the passing thoughts that you now through at me, which you never use to do. Food was a safe heaven. Now when I consume I feel ill from eating the things that once use to feel me. I feel nauseated, yet I want to eat and enjoy the one things that we both use to like. I hate you for making me fall out of love with the one thing that I use to love so dearly. You’ve made me fall out of love with food and now I hate you for it. Which in the end game is making me fall out of love with you. You take away the joy that we both shared, the one things we cared for. Now we no longer have that shared love, I no longer want to know you
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