Words. What a great way to express. Hello friend, how I do indeed like using you. Its just a shame that no one actually hears me. I might not be saying these words vocally, but Im still speaking, just in the written sense. Sometimes, I wonder why I even write, I mean I don’t get a response, or I don’t end up with the response that my head seems to be seeking for. I mean, I might as well just hit my head against a brick wall. I might not get a response, but at least I get proof of a bruise for my trouble.

So why am I writing these words, yet again at such a late hour. My tumbling thoughts on a writing spree, or boredom has had too much of my never ending thoughts and felt the need to share the nothingness of life, hoping for a boring response.

I don’t exactly feel to great. I feel ill, but not in the sense of sick ill, in the more of Ive had enough

So the question is, where is that person, you know, the person who randomly pops up into someones life. that person who doesn’t take a no, who doesn’t let me get to sit here in numbing thoughts. that person who just magically takes me on adventures and shows me life. where is that person?

I guess in this day and age that doesn’t happen, and that person is suppose to be myself, but me being me, that’s never going to happen. Im pretty sorry really. and No not the apologizing type of sorry. more of the sorry excuse of human sorry.

Id like more in life, but I don’t do anything about it. that’s stupid, but then again I am stupid. I mean if you read my previous posts youd realise that all my posts just end up, in a summary, mention what an ass I truly am. God I am mean.


You ended up here, you fix it. Youll always be on your own. So god damn fix it woman!

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