Why am I going travelling?

The world is calling me for a change. I’m wanting to experience a different way of life, as well as become a different person. I want to travel, to see the big world and realise that so much goes on in this world that I know nothing about. To realise that I’m not the only one roaming the earth, when at times it feels like it.

I want to meet life, to what it has to offer. I want to discover who I am and who I could be. To see how I handle, how I cope. To be in situations that I’ve never dreamt off. More importantly I want to live, to express. To not be in this repeat circle of endless same repeat. I want to be somebody. Someone that I can be at peace with.

Why I’ve selected these destinations,

I’m hitting Dubai first because it’s on the way to Thailand. Might as well make the most of the way journey. It’s only for a day, going to be more of a glimpse into what I’m about to have and see. Dubai is the first step.

Then It’s Bangkok, Thailand. The atmosphere of many other travellers destination. A culture change, an experience of becoming open minded and social. Adapting the way of life, of how it’s going to be in months to come.

Final destination is Australia. The destination I’ve dreamt, imagined, and even wrote a book about. A place that so many people are going too. A place where people are talking about good things, of happiness for different individuals. It’s going to be a huge shock to my system. To my ways, but that’s what I’m wanting to change.

Hopefully this travelling journey will continue to send me on more journeys, ones that I can do on my own. To hopefully have a huge impact on my life. For me to become open minded, not closed off, to be helpful, not judgemental. More importantly to enjoy myself, not shutting myself off. I know I’m not prepared for what’s about to become, maybe I’ll never be, but I no longer want this life. So it’s time to make a new one, in the coming months. Hopefully June onwards will a good year.

Now hug me!

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