Just a little something

Every time you look around there’s distractions. Whether it’s noise, a deep rumble of laughter, to people, the way they sit with others.

A man tenderly watches a group of women on the dance floor. The ladies clearly know they have an admirer, you wouldn’t have known that if it wasn’t for the drunken giggles, and outright flirting. The inappropriate dancing, tell tales of the women, trying to entice the gentleman.

A couple so into grips with one another, it wouldn’t surprise me if they couldn’t hear the music at all, cornered into on another, yet still at a distance to be able to stare into one anothers eyes. No words are being uttered, nothing being said, but yet with the way they are staring at one another, you would wonder if they weren’t silently communicating with one another.

The females eyes shine clearly with love, and so much trust for the guy, who stares into her eyes with pure adoration. The tender embrace, the way he slowly glides his masculine hand across her face, you would think he was savouring every touch, every feel, every moment.

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