I have this question that I keep asking myself, with many others, but this one question I cant seem to think of an answer for. I feel like I should be asking the higher Gods, if you believe in them that is.

The simple, yet so meaningful question is;

Why are we here? Why are we created? For what purpose?

I get that we all have an inner purpose for life, for ourselves. yet why are we created, putting us on a world. One that in my opinion is over populated, why have/ let us be created when we, (How do I put this, if I even know what im trying to say) Don’t really do much apart from work/earn, sleep/rest, travel/spend. It just seems that we go from one thing to another. Fall endlessly in love, some peoples cases, or live a life that’s lonely, until the ending of days.

I don’t see what you accomplish by that.

(I sound like a dick)

I just don’t understand why we are created, and whats the purpose to life?

I get that you make your own life, your own. I get that its down to you as an individual to make it worth living, and making yourself happy. That’s all the inner stuff. Whats the whole plan? Whats the worlds plan.

Why are humans created? They are created for a purpose. You wouldn’t have this magical, miracle of life for nothing. But why was the human created in the first place?

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