Scream. Let the air out of those tight lungs, push with all your might. Release the built up scream that has all your internal organs in a twist. Scream. You know you want too. Feel the burn of your tired lungs, feel the burn as all air leaves your body. Just scream. Your minds like a war machine, fighting with itself until you are an empty vessel. Release the scream. Just scream. Let it all go. Let the anger thats sitting at bay, let the images fade of you kicking and punching so hard that all your bones shatter. Let it all go. Feel it leave your body, so you’re left with only a sack. Let it go. It does nothing for you to have it built so high. It does nothing for you at all. Your emotions are coming of in waves you might as well be a roaring sea, bashing people with your waves. It does nothing for you. Aren’t you tired, aren’t you ready to be done with this rubbishness of nothing. Are you simply done? Why aren’t you, why are you still holding on to these stupid emotions that simply do nothing for you. All they do is send you on an endless roller coaster that gives you no pleasure. Don’t you want to through your head back and laugh? Don’t you want people to see the shine that lights up in your eyes when you are simply happy and laughing? Don’t you want to be good? All this bad is simply making you mean, well more of a rude woman. Do you like being mean? Do you like being a dick? No one likes a moron. No one likes a negative disinteresting moaning git. So stop being miserable. Stop this anger that you keep at bay. Stop being just a negative down shitter. Just stop being sad. Shut it off. Just go.


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One Response to Mixed

  1. thosedates says:

    Very good – thats me!


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