Still that beating heart, the one that pumps your blood, just for the soul of living.

Still the heart that measure all that means dear to you.

Stop the heart that brings you so much suffer, the one that squeezes blood.

Just lay down, on that warm soft bed, the one that beckons you constantly.

Lay on the softness and shut those eyes. The eyes that are so heavy with pure weariness.

Relax all those tense muscles, the ones that are always ready for a bracing fight.

Slow the breath, the one you hold so tightly throughout the day, to keep in the harshness of the words you feel.

Just feel nothing,

Let everything go, everything you feel physically.

Just wait

Continue to wait

Bang! The thoughts are with you. The nasty side of you comes to play. The harshness, the one you keep at bay, is at you. No longer within your body causing physical pain, she’s now in your mind. Shouting at you, bringing you down with the simplest words. She is your killer. Your soul eater. Shes going to destroy, there’s no stopping her. She wins every time. She’s the heart of you. Stop the heart, you stop the fight.

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