You consume, you are practically eating me whole. Am I yummy, because I don’t feel it.

You make me want to rock from side to side, maybe even go slightly forward and back.

Why? Its a simple question, yet hold so many unanswered questions.

Why am I such a misery? I have no means to be a miserable git, I just simply am. It seems to me, I’m so use to being a misery that its almost like breathing. In comes more negativity, out goes a little. In the next breathe, I’m being consumed by rejection, which just amplifies my guilty pleasure of pure misery.

Why do you consume me so?

You’re not even that great. Has any one ever told you misery, you are quite the hell to be. And no that is not a compliment for your ego of joy, so don’t bother amplifying my misery.

Bone weary sad, that I’m even saying no to food. Bone weary sad that all I want to do is sleep for eternity. Facing life, the simple of today, just simply makes me want to cry.

I try, I do try. But today I just don’t want to. Today I don’t want to put my head in a book just so I can forget the nagging feeling of despair. I don’t want to walk through the doors of life, that’s work, just to hear your nagging thoughts. Today I cant.

I feel at any moment the gates to the flooding bypass of my life is going to open in one great watering damsel. And I simply don’t know why I feel like crying, which just makes me want to laugh in pure brokenness. Making me look Insane.

But aren’t I?

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