Times beating against the clock

Times passing, but what for?

Time goes so quickly, yet so slowly

What are you waiting for?

It takes time to feel

It takes time to achieve

It takes time to become something

Yet only seconds to destroy

It takes time to see things in a new light

Yet moments to darkness

Everything seems to take time, years to look back,

but its in the moments, the seconds that we truly think about ourselves.

Times ending, what are you going to be?


Money takes years to earn, takes years to grow, but mere seconds to dissolve. What does it have left to show?

We need money for life, we need it to survive.

Money only makes people poor or rich. Never gives them anything lasting.

Moneys a moment, a thing that fades , but takes so long to imagine.

Moneys a fleeting thing. What do you get in a moment, just a pure instant.

Moneys everything, yet it gives you nothing.

You rule me money, for what purpose? To only part my side.




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